1. This annex applies to Highways des-ignated in accordance with article 23.

2. On these roads the permissible maximum dimensions and weights, unladen or with load, provided that no vehicle shall carry a maximum load in excess of that declared permissible by the competent authority of the country in which it is registered, shall he as follows:

  Metres Feet
Over-all width
 2.50 8.20
Over-all width
 3.80 12.50
 Over-all width   
Goods vehicles with
two axles
 10.00 33.00
Passenger vehicles
with two axles
 11.00 36.00
Vehicles with three or more axles 11.00 36.00

 Articulated vehicles

 14.00 46.00
Combination of vehicles
with one trailer
 18.00 59.00
Combination of vehicles
with two trailers
 22.00 72.00
  Tons Lbs.
 Permissible maximum weight:
 Per most heavily loaded axle8.00
 Per most heavily loaded tandem axle group (the two axles of the group being at least 40 inches (1.00 metre) and less than 7 feet (2.00 metres apart)14.50

 If in respect of any vehicle admitted to international traffic the permissible maximum weight under the part expressed in metric units of the table set out in sub-paragraph  differs from the permissible maximum weight under the part expressed in feet and pounds, the higher of the two figures shall be adopted.
3. Contracting States may conclude regional agreements increasing the permissible maximum weights beyond those in the list. It is suggested, however, that the permissible maximum weight per most heavily loaded axle should not exceed 13 metric tons (28,660 lbs.).
4. When any Contracting State designates roads to which this annex shall apply, it shall indicate the maximum dimensions or weights provisionally permissible for traffic on such roads:
(a)    Where they have ferries, tunnels or bridges which would restrict the passage of vehicles of the dimensions and weights permitted in this annex;
(b)    Where their character or condition calls for the restriction of the circulation of such vehicles on them.
5. Special traffic authorizations for vehicles or combinations of vehicles exceeding the maximum dimensions or weights given herein may be issued by any Contracting State or subdivision thereof.
6. Any Contracting State or subdivision thereof may limit or prohibit the operation of motor vehicles upon any designated road to which this annex shall apply or impose restrictions as to the 'weight of vehicles to be operated upon any such road for a limited period, when ever any such road by reason of deterioration, heavy rain, snow, thawing or other unfavourable climatic conditions would be seriously damaged by vehicles of the weights normally permitted.

 Convention of Road Traffic signed at Geneva September, 19 1949 (English)