International Driver License Translation  is a booklet in format A6 (148 x 105 mm). Its cover is grey and the inside pages are white. The outside and inside of the front cover are printed in the national language, or in at least one of the national languages, of the issuing State.
The first page contains: the number of domestic driving permit; the validity period (it is either no more than three years after the date of issue or the date of expiry of the domestic Driving Permit, whichever is earlier); the name and stamp of association issuing the International Driver License Translation.
The second page  contains the name of the country in which the holder of this International Driver License  Translation is normally a resident. The categories of vehicles for which the national driving permit is valid are stated at the end of the booklet.
The last two inside pages are printed in French. The left hand page applicable: the family and given names; the place and date of birth; the place of normal residence; categories (A, B, C, D, BE, CE, and DE) and subcategories (A1, B1, C1, D1, C1E, and D1E) of vehicles, with the corresponding codes, for which the national driving permit is valid; restrictive conditions of use.
The right hand page  contains: information about a driver (name, place and data of birth); the holder’s picture; stamp of the association issuing this International Driver License Translation (this stamp has to be affixed against the designation of the categories or subcategories only if the holder is licensed to drive the appropriate vehicles); information about disqualification; the signature of the holder.

Bookle sample: International driver license

    Pic.1. Sample 1 of International Translation of driving permit

The inside pages preceding the last two inside pages repeat the first of them in several languages, which must include English, Russian, and Spanish. Other pages contain a list of counties which ratified the Convention. Handwritten or typed entries made on the permit shall be in Latin characters or in English cursive script.

Bookle sample: International driver license - Convetion of road traffic 1949

    Pic.2. Sample 2 of International Translation of driving permit 

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