Ukraine is a picturesque country in the center of Europe. It possesses surprising treasures: its various nature, developed culture, rich history and national traditions, unique architecture, and hospitable people.

The soft and temperate climate of Ukraine makes it is possible to enjoy any kind of vacation. The most popular resorts for relaxation and touring are Crimea, which is between the Black and Azov seas, and the Shatsky lakes and Carpathians in West Ukraine which are famous for their unique beauty. The most visited cities are Kiev, its capital and most ancient city, Lvov shrouded in an atmosphere of an antiquity and full of architectural sights, and Odessa, “the capital of humor”.

On the Southern Coast of Crimea, it is possible to vacation all year long; however, the swimming season lasts from the middle of May to the middle of October. In Crimea, magnificent beaches, the caressing sea, botanical gardens, magnificent palaces, unique caves, secluded bays, monasteries, and ancient cities await you.

If you have an interest in history and ancient castles, you should visit West Ukraine. Its medieval cities have abundant historical monuments and architectural enclaves which reflect different traditions and styles such as Polish, German, and Old Russian. Kamenets-Podolskij and Lvov, the Hotinsky fortress and the Pochaevsky monastery, Bakota and Pidkamen are only a small part of the unique historical and sacred places of Ukraine.

There are curative balneal resorts in Schodnica, Truskavets, Solotvino, and Crimea, the likes of which are not present in Europe.  

The pine and mixed woods in the north, steppe and forest-steppe in the south, the rocky Crimean Mountains, and the Carpathian mountain chain in the west of the country encourage active tourism. In Ukraine, there is mountain skiing, hiking, rock-climbing, backpacking, and rafting. The mounting ski resort of Bukovel which has a good reputation beyond of Ukraine serves visitors only during snow season. Boating offers different levels of physical activity. You can enjoy rafting both along picturesque coast and on the rough mountain rivers: Cheremosh, Southern Bug, Dniester, Ros.

Ukraine can boast of the advantages of modern cities. Fans of shopping and night clubs, restaurants, and entertainment centers can enjoy themselves in any Ukrainian city the biggest of which are: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and Donetsk.

If you are going to travel to Ukraine, don’t forget to obtaing your International driving permit. It will allow you to avoid misunderstandings with Ukrainian traffic Police.

 Driving in Ukraine