If you are going to travel abroad, you may need the International Driving Permit because many countries don’t allow temporary residents to drive with a foreign Driving Permit only and trust the International Driving Permit. Once you have knew about the International Driving Permit, you have a question: “Can I take the International Driving Permit in my home country?” In order to know answer, you should find out whether your home country signed the Convention on Road Traffic. Two Conventions on Road Traffic were signed: at Geneva, Switzerland, on 19 September 1949 and at Vienna, Austria, on 8 November 1968.
According to the Conventions on Road Traffic, an International Driving Permit shall only be issued by the country, that has signed the Conventions on Road Traffic, in whose territory the holder has his normal residence and which issued the domestic driving permit or by a foreign country that signed the Convention on Road Traffic and recognized the driving permit issued by another country.

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