For driving in Ghana, an International driving permit issued under the Vienna Convention in a foreign country which is a party to that Convention is required in addition to an original driver license. Foreign drivers who do not have an International driving permit issued under the Vienna Convention may not use their foreign driver licences to drive in Ghana. Holders of foreign driver licences must convert their driving permits in Ghanaian driver licenses.

The main road traffic rules:

  • The minimum driving age is 18 years.
  • In Ghana, it is right-hand driving.
  • Overtaking is on the left side. It is not permitted to pass other traffic proceeding in the same direction on a road when approaching the summit of a hill and curve and before or on a pedestrian crossing.
  • Driving on the shoulders of the road is forbidden.
  • Picking passengers at prohibited areas is not permitted.
  • The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.0 %.
  • Seat belts are mandatory.
  • Speed limits are in urban areas – from 30 km/h to 50 km/h, on highways – 80 km/h, on motorways – 100km/h.
  • The police phone number is 191.
  • It is required to have in each vehicle: two warning triangles, first aid box with basic components, fire extinguisher (recharged after every six months), spare tire, lamps.
  • It is illegal for drivers to use their mobile phones while driving.
  • A vehicle which has entered or is about to enter a roundabout must give way to traffic approaching from the left side, regardless of which is the major road.
  • Drivers of a heavy goods vehicles or slow moving vehicles must stop their vehicles in order to allow lighter motor traffic approaching or overtaking the heavy vehicle to pass.  
  • A driver of a vehicle must give way to any motor vehicle using a siren or bell as a warning appliance.
  • Vehicles may not move at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.
  • It is permitted to turn right on red at a traffic light junction unless it interferes with traffic on green or pedestrian crossing.
  • It is not prohibited to drive for more than four hours at a time. When driving long distances, drivers should take frequent stops to stay alert.
  • Child under 5 years may not be ridden in the front seat of the motor vehicle.

Additional information:

  • In some places, speed humps are used to reduce speed.
  • To rent a car, a minimum driving age varies depending vehicle classes. Normally, the minimum age is between 21 and 25. An additional request is drivers must have held their driver licenses at least for from 1 to 2 years. Some rental car agencies requires from drivers below a fixed age limit to pay an additional fee.
  • Drivers must have their driver licenses, car rent and insurance documents, and road use certificates at all time while driving.
  • If a case of an accident, foreign drivers should report the immediately to the police and provide the following details: date of an incident, name of insured, name of insurer, and country.
  • In case of breakdowns, drivers should move their vehicles to a location where it will not obstruct the free flow of traffic, as soon as possible. Reflective triangles should be placed 45 m in front of and behind the vehicle. If it is expected that the broken down vehicle will obstruct traffic for more than 1 hour in an urban area or more than 2 hours in a rural area, the driver must give his name, number and address at the nearest police station. If the driver doesn't remove his vehicle within this period of the time, the vehicle will be towed away by the authorities, and the driver will have to pay the towing cost.
  • Foreign cargo vehicles entering Ghana must obtain a temporary importation permit at a border.
  • This permit is valid for 30 days. In a case of the permit is expired, a driver must return with the vehicle to the same border entry to renew it. The maximum renewal period is 90 days.
  • In Ghana, vehicle owners are required to pay the Road Safety Fee.

Ghanaian Road Traffic Signs

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