The best time traveling to Antigua and Barbuda is the summer or fall months. Renting a car is an ideal way to discover Antigua. In addition to a valid driver license from country of residence and an international driver license, a temporary permit to drive in Antigua is required. The rental car agencies assist foreign drivers in getting Antigua temporary driving permit, which is valid for six months.

The main road traffic rules:

  • Driving is on the left side of the road.
  • The speed limit is 20 mph in built up areas and 40 mph on open roads.
  • Pedestrians on “zebra crossing” always have right of way and drivers must give way to pedestrians on “zebra crossing”.
  • When turning at the intersection, drivers must give way to pedestrians crossing the road.
  • Drivers should avoid using their mobile phones.
  • It is not permitted to overtake at a pedestrian crossing, road junction, corner, brow of a hill.
  • Drivers must give way to police, ambulance, and fire engines vehicles when they have blue flashing lights.
  • Drivers should pass on the left islands in the road unless signs or road marking show otherwise.
  • Drivers must give way to traffic coming from right unless road marking indicates otherwise.
  • It is not permitted to reverse from the side road to the main road.
  • It is not permitted to park at places with yellow lines beside the curb and double white line in the middle of the road. It is also do not permitted to park at places where it would:
  1. make difficult to see clearly for others (intersections, corners, hills);
  2. be a danger to other road users (bus stops, pedestrian crossing, footpaths, school entrance);
  3. hold up traffic (narrow roads, one-way roads);
  4. the emergence vehicle stop;
  5. make the road narrow.
  6. It is not permitted to drive under influence of drugs.

Additional information:

  • The main roads are in reasonable condition, but major roads are in average to poor condition.
  • Slow-moving vehicles and animals often are on the roads.
  • Most roads have signposts or directional guides.
  • It is recommended to rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

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