• The Bulgarian road system is developed, but some roads are in a bad condition. In winter, driving may be dangerous since roads become icy and potholes proliferate.
  • At times, driving in Bulgaria is dangerous. Aggressive manner of driving and lack of a safe infrastructure lead to road traffic accidents.
  • The legal age for driving in Bulgaria is 18.
  • The speed limits are 50 km/h (31 mph) in towns, 90 km/h (56 mph) in countryside and 130 km/h (81 mph) on highways.
  • Using of seat belts is obligatory for all passengers excepting pregnant women.
  • Children under 12 years old must be in a child car seat in the front seats.Children under 3 years of age may not be transported not fitted with child restraints.
  • Driving under alcohol influence is illegal. The allowed content of alcohol in blood is 0.05 %.
  • Road signs correspond to international standards. The main routes are signposted in Cyrillic and Latin letters.
  • Drivers must not turn right on red.
  • When a driver drives on the right side, he must put stickers on his headlights, so his lights don't blind motorists the other way.
  • Drivers must pay a motorway tax for using motorways and express roads. A vehicle sticker must be prominently displayed in cars. Stickers can be bought at petrol stations, border points or post offices. Duration of sticker is one year, one day or ten days. If a driver has not a sticker he will be fined. Drivers might also have to pay motorway tolls depending on where you drive in Bulgaria.
  • In any vehicle must always be present: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, and reflective jacket.
  • While driving, drivers can use a mobile phone only with a "hands-free" system.
  • It is illegal to carry any radar detector in a car. If a driver has a GPS navigation system which shows where fixed speed cameras are set, he must turn off this function.
  • If a driver is caught in perpetration of any driving offence, he will be fined on the spot.
  • If a driver drives in mountain areas, he should watch the falling rocks and landslides.
  • If somebody flashes their headlights to you, it means they expect you to get out from their way or they warn you of the police are ahead.
  • According to the latest new rules it is prohibited to wear dark sunglasses, shoes with high heels, flip flops, and to eat and smoke. However, if it is enforced we will see in the future.
  • During the winter months (from November, 1 to March, 1) drivers must hold their headlights on all the time. It is obligatory to have winter tires.
  • If a foreigner would like to rent a car in Bulgaria, he must have his National driving permit, International driving license, motor insurance certificate, and V5 registration document or hire car document. Foreign drivers can drive in Bulgaria with their International driver licenses for up to one year; after that term they must obtain Bulgarian driver licenses.

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