Driving is the best way to see the third largest island of the Caribbean, Jamaica. For foreign drivers, it is required to have valid driver licences from their domestic countries and International driving permits. Visitors from North America may use their domestic driving permits for up to three months.

The main traffic rules in Jamaica:

  • Traffic moves on the left side of the road.
  • Overtaking is only on the right.
  • It is not permitted to use the hard or soft shoulder to overtake.
  • It is not permitted to overtake at pedestrian and railway crossing; at a road junction, curve or bend, brow of a hill; on a hump back bridge; where the road narrows.
  • Overtaking is only on the right.
  • Minimum age for driving is 18 years.
  • For hiring a car, a driver must be 25 years or older and has hold a driver license at least for 12 months.
  • It is compulsory to wear seat belts for a driver and all passengers in the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • Speed limits are: in towns – 50km/h (31 mph); in open roads – 80 km/h 950 mph); on highway – 110km/h.
  • The blood alcohol limit is 0.08%.
  • Children 12 years old and below must sit in the back seats of the vehicle; children under 4 years must be ridden in special child seats.
  • It is not permitted to reverse from a side road or driveway into a main road.
  • It is not permitted to stop on a main road; within 50 feet of a road junction;  at or nearer than 40 feet from traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, fire hydrant, bus stop, hospital or school entrance; on hump back bridge.
  • The police phone number is 119.

Additional information:

  • Most roads are narrow, and a lot of roads are in poor conditions without signage. Foreign drivers should be very cautious on roads and always watch out for people walking in the road and cars driving in the middle of the road.
  • Heavy rains can occur at any time of the year and frequently leave roads impassable. Drivers should know media reports for information on road conditions.
  • During crab season, all roads near the ocean are filled with land crabs crossing the street to get to the ocean.
  • Foreign visitors should avoid driving at night. It is advisable to have closed windows and doors should at all times.
  • Highway 2000 is a toll road; it is passable to pay the toll by cash or by a TAG card.

Jamaica Road Traffic Signs

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