To drive in Kyrgyzstan, a foreign visitor needs to have an International driving permit.

The general Kyrgyz road traffic rules:

  • Traffic moves on the right side.
  • It is not permitted to drive a vehicle in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The legal blood-alcohol level is zero.
  • Drivers must give way to pedestrians at uncontrolled intersections.
  • In residential areas, speed limit is 20 km/h.
  • The speed limit in built up areas is 60 km/h.
  • Outside build-up areas speed limits are:
  1. for cars and trucks of not more than 3,5 t: 110 km/h – on motorways, 90 km/h – on other roads;
  2. for cars with towed trailer and trucks of more than 3,5 t: 90 km/h – on motorways, 70 km/h – on other roads;
  3. for vehicles driven by drivers with less than 2 years driving experience – 70 km/h.
  • In any vehicle, a driver must have: a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency triangle, and two “wheel stops”.
  • To use of seat belts is compulsory for the driver and passengers. It is permitted for children under 12 not to be fastened with belts.
  • Overtaking is prohibited:
  1. on regulated intersections with access to oncoming lanes;
  2. on non-regulated intersections when traveling on minor road;
  3. at pedestrian crossings when pedestrians are there;
  4. at railway crossings and less than 100 m before them;
  5. of a vehicle in the process of overtaking.
  • The International car plate must be clearly visible.
  • The standing of a vehicle is not permitted:
  1. at tramway tracks;
  2. at railway crossings;
  3. in tunnels;
  4. on bridges and under them;
  5. at pedestrian crossings and closer than 5 m of them;
  6. at intersections, traffic lights signals, and road signs.

Some additional information:

  • In Kyrgyzstan, there are many traffic police in the road. A policeman can stop any car and check driver’s documents.
  • While driving, each driver must have his original driver license, International driving permit, passport, and the car registration document. If a driver is not an owner of the vehicle, he needs an official document from the owner giving him permission to drive the car.
  • In Bishkek, «sleeping policemen» (bumps) are located at schools.
  • Most of the Kyrgyz Republic’s roads are two-lane roads.
  • Night driving should be avoided, as roads are inadequately lit.

Kyrgyzstan Road Traffic Signs

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