Short-term visitors may drive in Qatar with their domestic driver licenses for 7 day after arrival. After 7 days, foreigners need to apply for a temporary Qatari driver license. To apply for a temporary Qatari driver license, a driver needs to go to the Traffic Department with the application form completed in Arabic, his valid original driver license, passport or identification document and its copy, and three photographs. If a national driver license is not recognized by the Qatari traffic police, driving tests will be required. A writing test is performed.
Foreigners who have International driving permits can drive in Qatar with their permits for six months.
A person who permanently resides in Qatar needs to exchange his national driver license or temporary Qatari driver license for a full Qatari driver license.

The main Qatari road traffic rules:

  • Driving is on the right side of the road.
  • Overtaking is on the left side.
  • The minimum driving age is 18 years.
  • The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.0%.
  • Wearing seat belts is mandatory.
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists must wear helmets.
  • The third party insurance is required.
  • Returning at junction is prohibited.
  • The speed limit in cities is 60 km/h (37 mph), on highways – 120 km/h (74 mph).
  • It is not permitted to cross two continuous lines.
  • Children under 10 years may not be ridden at front seats.
  • To talk over the cell phone while driving is forbidden.
  • It is not permitted to drive on or across the continuous line.
  • Cyclists must drive on the right side of the road.
  • It is illegal to drive vehicle without a horn, front and rear number plates.
  • At the roundabout, drivers must give priority to vehicles coming from the left.
  • At intersections that do not have traffic signals, drivers must give way to vehicles coming from the left side.
  • When using motorways, returning is forbidden.  
  • Applying glass shade over the vehicle and red lights at the front of the vehicle are not permitted.
  • The police phone number is 999.

Additional information:

  • Vehicles must be registered with the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department. Registration is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.
  • In Qatar, all vehicles need to have a road permit. Cars older than three years must pass an annual inspection of road worthiness.
  • In the case of accident, a driver must not remove his vehicle, call to police. Police officers give an appointment to the police station to obtain a police report.
  • Speed cameras are common on the road, and the traffic police may check any driver his driving license and vehicle registration documents. It is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle, or with unlicensed number plates, or with an expired driving license.
  • Every vehicle must have sticker for showing the license.
  • Motor vehicles over five years old cannot be imported into the country.

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