Driving in Switzerland is not difficult. People in this country turn off their cars while waiting at the stop lights or training crossing.
Driving is on the right side.
Minimum age for driving is 18.
You must fasten your seatbelts, children under 12 years and shorter than 150 cm must be driven in special child seats.
The speed limits are 120 km/h (75 mph) on motorways, 80 km/h (50 mph) on open roads, 50 km/h (31 mph) in towns.
Every year drivers must pay a motorway tax even if they use the motorways only for an hour or two hours in a day.
A vehicle sticker must be showed on the windscreen otherwise driver must pay a penalty.  Sticker is valid for one year (from January, 1 to December, 31). You can buy them at railway stations, automobile associations, post offices or service stations.
The maximum permissible level is 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood (0.5 g/l). Drivers with a level of alcohol between 0.5 g/l and 0.79 g/l will be fined. If the alcohol level is over than 0.8 g/l in addition to penalties a driver can be arrested and driver license can be confiscated for at least three months.
Headlights must be on during daylight, especially in tunnels.
You can't turn right at red light.
Pedestrians have the right to go on the zebra crossings.
Police vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, trams, and busses have the right of way over passengers’ cars.
First-aid kit, reflective vests and fire extinguisher are advised but not required.
You must have a warning triangle.
If you wear spectacles you must carry a spare one in your car.
Mobile phones can be used only with a hand-free system.
Radar detectors are illegal and cannot be carried in a car.
There are strict penalties for drivers which break the parking laws.
Drivers always must have driving license, vehicle registration document (V5) and certificate of motor insurance. If there is no photo in your license you must carry a passport to validate a license. If you drive a vehicle which was registered in another person you must have a letter-permission from a registered owner.
Driving in Switzerland with a valid foreign driving permit and International driver license is permitted for one year. After that time driver is required to exchange his native license for a Switzerland driver license.
Switzerland Road Traffic Signs

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