To drive in Tajikistan, foreign visitors need International driving permits along with their original driver licenses. It is permitted to drive in Tajikistan with an International driving permit and foreign driver license for three months. If a visitor plans to stay in Tajikistan for more than three months, to drive there he must apply for a temporary TALON from the traffic police. TALON is a yellow card for recording traffic offences.
  • Driving is on the right side of the road.
  • It is not permitted to cross a solid white line in the middle of the road.
  • It is not permitted to use vehicles with the right wheel.
  • The third-party liability insurance is obligatory.
  • The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.00%.

Some helpful information:

  • When driving, a driver must have following documents:
  1. Driving permit;
  2. International driver license if it is required;
  3. Vehicle registration document;
  4. Car tax receipt;
  5. Proof insurance document;
  6. If a driver is not an owner of the car, the power of attorney document listing he as a named driver;
  7. Talon if the such is available.
  • It is permitted to bring your own car or motorcycle to Tajikistan, but it is required to pay a tax at the border.
  • While driving, you may be stopped by the traffic police since the police have a right to stop any car and ask a driver to show his documents. If driver does not have all asked documents, he will have an on-the-spot fine, and his vehicle may be impounded.
  • In Tajikistan, roads in low-lying areas are open all year round, but the high mountain passes are closed in winter.
  • In spring or early summer, mudslides can block the road in the mountain regions on account of heavy rainfall.
  • In Tajikistan, the traffic police are posted at stationary positions and checkpoints and along major roads.
  • The local police number is 02.

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