The Italian Traffic Police (Polizia Stradale) is one of the four specialties of the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) – one of the national police forces of Italy. In other words, the Traffic Police is the national Highway patrol of Italy. Its duties include the:

  • detection and prevention of driving offences,
  • ensuring the security of road traffic,
  • reporting of traffic accident, 
  • planning, supply and carrying out services to regulate traffic,
  • providing escorts for road safety,
  • controlling and protecting the road network,
  • rescue operations,
  • collecting of traffic flow data.

The Traffic Police is also present at the Center for Coordination of Information on Road Safety (CCISS) located within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, with the task to validate and certify all news about road, in order to information is disseminated to users with high general level of quality.

The Traffic Police officers in Italy have the ongoing professional training with the constant changes to the Highway Code as a result have the high professionalism and specialization.

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