You will have a business trip or private visit to Italy; think about what documents international tourists and visitors need to have to make their travel pleasant and successful. You should be good prepared to visit a foreign country, especially if you are not from the European Union country. Learn what travel documents you need to have. If you are going to use your own car for traveling, get to know requirements to a motor vehicle and driving documents, health and car insurance as well as the country's road traffic rules, emergency numbers and other information. Read also our road safety guides for safe traveling by the motor vehicle.

Documents and requirements to foreign visitors to enter into Italy 

Entry into Italian territory is allowed to the alien who is not belonging to the European Union countries or stateless person only if he/she:

  • has a passport or other travel document equivalent recognized as valid for crossing borders; 
  • has a valid visa of entry or transit, in cases where it is required;
  • exhibits documents justifying the purpose and conditions of stay;
  • demonstrates the availability of adequate means of subsistence for the stay in the country through: 
                        - the presentation of cash; 
                        - bank guarantees;                       
                        - guarantee policies;                        
                        - equivalent credit;                        
                        - titles of prepaid services or other documents demonstrating the availability of sources of income.

           The amount of money is depended by the length of stay.

  • demonstrates their return to the country of origin with the performance of the return ticket, except for who have permits for work purposes.

Foreigners, who come to Italy for visits, business, tourism, or study for periods that do not exceed three months, do not have to ask permission to stay but need to make the “Declaration of presence”.

Demanded driving license for foreigners to drive legally

From 19 January 2013, it is come into force the new European driving license. The license of the European Union is unique and equal for all European citizens; it has a card format with the digital photo of the driver. In Europe any person can hold a single driving document and no one is in possession of more licenses issued by different European States.

Foreigners, who are not from the European Union country, for driving on the Italian roads legally must have an International Driver License which is a translation of the original driving document on the main United Nations languages in addition to their valid driver permit issued by the authority of their country of origin. 

While driving, every visitor needs to have with him/her a translation of domestic driving permit as well as an original driver document.

Professional driver qualification card

In Italy, the professional driver qualification card is a qualifying document that is added to the driving license. It is required for all drivers engaged in professional road transport on vehicles whose driving license is required in categories C, CE, D and DE. The driver qualification card is issued for each of the two modes of transport to drive vehicles used to carry things and vehicles used to transport people. The document issued for a type of transport does not permit to drive the other category. The request for obtaining the professional driver license can be submitted to the Provincial Department of Motor Vehicles. The professional driver qualification card is valid for five years and can be renewable. Its validity of is not directly related to the validity of the driving license; two documents may bear different maturities.

Fines for exceeding speed limits

As to the road traffic rules, anyone who exceeds the speed limit while driving on any road in Italy will be punished by a fine from 40 to 3200 euro depending by the violation. Moreover, if the speed limit is exceeded over 40 km/h, a driver will have from 6 to 10 points on the driver license and even the license suspension for 3-12 months. In case of the relapse speed limit more than 60km/h within two years, it might be the revocation of the driving license. Penalties are increased for young and professional drivers.

Speed detectors on the Italian roads

The State Police has made opened for public places of all the fixed locations where speed detection are installed along roads and managed by the Traffic Police. Moreover, Italian motorists are announced by the Traffic Police about the streets where the speed control tools are operating day-to-day. This invites drivers to reduce their speed with the respect of limits.

Overload Tutor system on the road network

The excess mass of a truck puts a driver into serious difficulties since the braking system of the vehicle loses effectiveness and lengthens stopping distances and as a result, increases the likelihood of a collision accident. The new system for the control of the weight of industrial and commercial vehicles in motion is used by the Italian Traffic Police. This system places under observation the average speed of vehicles and its weight. This system provides patrols of traffic police a tool of high precision and help to make their work more focused and not based on a random basis.

New provisions for riding scooters 

In light of the new traffic rules, scooters (mopeds) must be insured and drivers must have the driving license or certificate of eligibility to drive them.

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