Foreigners who plan to stay in Italy for a period of time that is not exceed 90 days for reasons of visits: business, tourism, or study, should not request the permission to stay in Italy. For them, it is sufficient a declaration of presence.

Foreigners who come from countries that apply the Schengen Agreement must report about their presence within 8 days of arrival in Italy at the local police headquarter (Questura). In the police office, visitors will need to fill out and sign the specific form “Declaration of presence” (Dichiarazione di presenza).

Anybody, who is going to stay in Italy in their family members, relatives, or friends house, need to submit the “Declaration of presence” form. In case tourist is staying in a hotel, the “Declaration of presence” form is not required since the hotel registration form reports your presence in the same way as the “Declaration of presence” form does.

The “Declaration of presence” form must be always with a person for availability to be shown to any police officer who should request it.

If a person travels from a Non-Schengen State, he/she does not need to report his/her presence at the local police headquarter, since the stamp in the passport or travel document that the border authorities put on attests the presence.

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