You are going to travel or will have a business trip to Malaysia, think about all necessary documents beforehand.  First of all, you need to have an original passport (issued by the county of which you are a citizen) with at least six months validity. You might need to take a Visa dependently what country citizenship you have. Visit the official website of Consulate General of Malaysia to check a list of foreign nationals who require Visa to enter Malaysia. For some countries, the Yellow Fever certificate is required to be produced upon landing in Malaysia. 

It is naturally that in the business trip you will need to drive a car, especially if your stay in the foreign country will be not short. As to a private journey, traveling the word by car is the best way. In any case, if you plan to drive in Malaysia, check the requirements to drive there, and the first of all if you can drive in that country with your domestic driving permit or you need to have an international driver license. The International Translation of drivers license is an additional identity document that permit its holder to drive legally in countries which have sign the International Conventions of Road Traffic or/and recognize the IDL. Apply for the International Drivers License Malaysia, the translation of your original driving permit, to drive legally on Malaysian roads. 

Any visitors who are lawfully in Malaysia can drive motor vehicle if he/she follows all requirements provided by the Malaysian Road Transport Act. In Malaysia, no one under the age of sixteen years may drive a motor vehicle on a road in Malaysia, and nobody under the age of seventeen may drive a motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or disabled vehicle on the road. And finally, no person under the age of twenty-one years may drive a heavy tractor, tractor light, mobile machinery, heavy mobile machinery, motor car or heavy vehicle of the public services. 

Malaysian laws don’t allow using a motor vehicle that doesn’t comply with the rules on the construction, weight, equipment, use and age. If you are going to travel by your own car, check if your car meets all requirements, otherwise you will be stopped at the border or fined into the county. The person driving the motor vehicle accounts his carrier. In Malaysia, no vehicle may be driven without a licence. A visitor's licence can be granted in respect of any motor vehicle brought into Malaysia from a place outside Malaysia, if such motor vehicle will exported from Malaysia within a period of ninety days from the date of arrival of such motor vehicle in Malaysia.  

In Malaysia, a visitor's licence will: 

be expressed to expire not later than ninety days from the date of arrival of such licence in Malaysia and will not be renewable; 

not he granted in respect of a tractor heavy, goods vehicle or public service vehicle; 

not be granted unless there are not a motor vehicle certificate or something exists in relation to the use of such motor vehicle, and policy of insurance or certificate of security as complies with the requirements of Malaysian laws. 

The Royal Malaysia Police (Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia, PDRM) is a national police agency in Malaysia that is a centralized organization with responsibilities ranging from traffic control to intelligence gathering. If you have any emergency problem, you can call the direct line Malaysia Emergency Phone Numbers that operates 24 hours. The Internal Security and Public Order Department is responsible for traffic control and assists the Malaysia Transport Ministry and the Public Enterprises Ministry in the enforcement of the Traffic Act. Malaysian traffic police have opened phone lines to facilitate road users to connect directly with the police in an emergency or if it has information about traffic offenses. 

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