The Road Transport Act 1987 is an official document that provides for:

  •  regulation of the traffic on the roads, different incidents on the roads in which motor vehicles are involved; 
  •  protection third from the risks associated with the use of motor vehicles;
  •  coordination and control of facilities and adjustment for transportation. 

All motor vehicles are divided into the classes. It is not allowed by law to use motor vehicles that do not comply with the rules on the construction, weight, equipment, use and age applicable to class or description of a motor vehicle. Nobody may use a motor vehicle unless the vehicle has been registered. Exclusions include:

  • vehicle that are belonging to a dealer for the purpose of sales, 
  • vehicle driven to/or from a place specified by the transport officer for the purpose of inspection or test, or being tested by a road transport officer, or during guided to a place or of a place otherwise by road transport officer for the purpose of registration
  • vehicle registered in any foreign country which by virtue of any international agreement authorized to operate in Malaysia under an license issued under the Licensing Board Act. 

The registration number assigned to each motor vehicle upon registration. No any other numbers or letters can be placed on a motor vehicle at any place. If a trailer is being drawn on a road by a motor vehicle, other than the registration number assigned for the trailer there will be displayed the registration numbers of motor vehicles pulling trailers. If a registration number is not displayed in accordance with the Malaysian Road Transport Act, the person driving the motor vehicle will be called to account, and if he/she is found guilty it will be fined. In the case of applying for the driver licence, in an application for the grant of a driving license, each applicant must make a declaration in the prescribed form either or not he is suffering from any disease or physical disability as specified in the form or have any illness or physical disability which may cause driving of a motor vehicle which is a vehicle of a class or description as he is allowed to drive according to the driving license to be a source of danger to the public. If the declaration it appears that the applicant is suffering an illness or disability as aforesaid, it may be refused to provide the driving license. It is not allowed:

  • to drive a motor vehicle on a road to a person under age of sixteen years,
  • to person under the age of seventeen to drive a motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or invalid carriage on a road.
  • to people under the age of twenty-one years may to drive a heavy tractor, tractor light, mobile machinery, heavy mobile machinery, motor car or heavy vehicle of the public service vehicle. 

No person may drive a motor vehicle without licence granted under the Malaysian Road Transport Act. And no one is allowed to drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road unless he is the holder of a driving licence that authorizes him to drive a motor vehicle of that class.Each driver held personal liability for his motor vehicle and driving. It is not allowed to drive any class of motor vehicle for person unless he has an insurance policy or a security ill respect of third party risks as complies with the requirements of the Malaysia laws.

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