The Italian Traffic Police (Polizia Stradale) patrols motorways (autostrada), main highways and arterial roads outside towns. So the Traffic Police is one of the specialties of the State Police that is primarily involved in the control and regulation of mobility on the road. The main duties of the Italian Traffic Police include:

  • prevention of injuries on the motorways, highways, and roads;
  • recognition of road accidents;
  • investigating all violations in road traffic;
  • regulation of the road traffic.

The Traffic Police also give the:

  • escort services for traffic safety;
  • protection and control of the use of the road asset;
  • competition in disaster relief;
  • collaboration to the detection of traffic flows.

The Traffic Police organize the road safety campaigns or/and communication as indispensable tool for prevention of the road accidents. To raise the level of safety on the roads, State Police sure that a cultural change is required, especially if the recipients of the communication are the young people. Through its campaigns of road safety, the Traffic Police commit awareness of the risks to young people every day in schools and through different events, so safety becomes a lifestyle for them.

For the protection of road safety, the Traffic Police has developed a network of collaborations with organizations, institutions, associations and individuals. The idea is that only a shared security and realization of the road traffic rules by all drivers and pedestrians on the roads, can decrease the mortality accident on roads.

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