Speed limits

Statistics show that about 60% of deaths that occur on the Italian highways are the result of the speed exceeding. So, it is very important to keep the speed under control. The speed limits in Italy are: on highways – 130 km/h, on main roads – 110 km/h, on secondary and local roads – 90 km/h, in town roads – 50 km/h. Everybody who exceeds the speed limit, will be punished by a fine.

Speed cameras

The Traffic Police has made public places of all the fixed locations for speed detection installed along road network and managed by the Traffic Police. Moreover, it announces motorists about the roads where tools of speed control are operating day-to-day, to invite drivers to reduce their speed respecting the limits. Every Monday, Traffic Police publishes a list of region stretches of roads where the mobile speed detection tools will be operating for an every day of the current week. Objective of this initiative is the prevention of road accidents by reducing speed and respecting the limits. Each motorist must drive carefully not just near the speed detectors, but along the entire network.

Overload Tutor

The innovative project focuses its attention on the mass of the moving vehicles that is the basis of serious accidents, even at low speeds. The new Safety Tutor is a system that had a positive effect on the driving behavior of customers. The Overload Tutor system installed in the pavement of each lane contains four sensors of identifying for each vehicle a class of the vehicle, number of axles, speed, and weight. Cameras placed on a portal give digital images with high resolution graphics, so the Traffic Police enable to identify and stop a vehicle with absolute certainty. The system is connected with a laptop on which are displayed the images of overweight vehicles detected, with the date and time of transit and estimated time of arrival. It allows an officer to stop an overload vehicles; that is useful for the entire transport sector as help to avoid unnecessary and economically harmful waste. There are Overload Tutors on the Italian highways that are characterized by an increased presence of heavy vehicles. The State Police has the intention of subsequent extension of the system elsewhere in the road network.


The Italian Highway Code defines mopeds, scooters, as vehicles by the following characteristics: engine cylinder capacity is not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters and ability to develop a speed of up to 45 km/hour. These technical specifications cannot be changed and should be closely observed by the manufacturer. In light of the new provisions, scooters (mopeds) must also be insured. To drive the moped, a driver must be accompanied by the driving license or Certificate of Eligibility to the Guide.

Penalty points

The penalty points system is introduced in Italy from July 1, 2003. With this system, every driver of a motor vehicle is assigned a score, initially 20 points, which is reduced in case of infringements. Exhaustion of available points to retain the license, a driver must pass the exam again in theory and driving test. Along with the penalty points system, the possibility of immediate suspension of the driving license is fully effective.
If the driver has not been identified, it is required to notify, within 60 days, the office or command that discovered the violation, personal data and the license of the driver responsible for the violation. If the owner fails to provide identification data, the Traffic Police will click for him a sanction from 284.00 up to 1133.00 euro (payment over 60 days 566.50 EUR). But a driver will be not deducted the points. Any driver has opportunity to justify his inability to know, and thus to report, the driver data.

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