Foreign visitors intend to drive should hold an International driving permit. A valid  International driving permit issued as prescribed in the 1949 Geneva Convention or 1968 Vienna Convention on road traffic is valid in Bangladesh for the duration of their effectiveness. If a person who holds a foreign driver license is a permanent resident of the Republic of Bangladesh, before using the driver license, he must register his license with the licensing authority of the area where he permanently resides. If driving by a foreign visitor is considered a source of danger to other road users, the licensing authority may make a record in his International driving permit that this International driving permit is not valid in Bangladesh.

The main road traffic rules:

  • Vehicles drive on the left side of the road.
  • The minimum driving age is 18 years.
  • The maximum driving age is 65 years.
  • Drivers under 21 years of age may not drive any medium or heavy motor vehicle or a passenger vehicle having more than 20 seats excluding the driver.
  • Drivers and passengers must wear safety seat belts.
  • The minimum age for non-professional driver license is 18 years, for professional driver license – 20 years.
  • The speed limit in urban areas is 25 km/h,
  • The third party risk is obligatory.
  • It is not permitted to use in public places vehicles which smoke would constitute a health hazard.
  • It is not permitted to drive a motor vehicle under the influence of drink or drug. The legal blood alcohol level is 0.0%. For a first offense, a driver may be jailed for the term of three months.
  • To stop or park the vehicle must be parallel to the sidewalk from the street with "one foot" away in the car. The position of any car parking or stopping cannot be placed next to a parked vehicle (double parallel).
  • It is not permitted to overtake just before or on the pedestrian crossing.
  • It is not permitted to stop, stand, or park a vehicle in a bus stop and a taxicab stand.
  • It is forbidden to use mobile phones and any hand held equipment while driving.
  • It is not permitted to drive with earplugs in both ears or while wearing a headset covering both ears.
  • The driver of a motor vehicle must stop his vehicle when required to do so by any police officer in uniform.

Any person may not drive a motor vehicle in public places unless he holds an effective driving license.
No vehicle has permit to be driven in any public place unless the vehicle is registered.
Every motor vehicle should be constructed to have right hand steering control.
Any police officer in uniform may examine the vehicle, the driver license, registration certificate, or other documents relating to driving.
The Government may take motor vehicles out of Bangladesh, to any place outside Bangladesh

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