For driving in Azerbaijan, a foreign driver needs to have a valid driving permit issued by his home countries and International driver license. The International driver license is valid in Azerbaijan for no longer than four months. After that, visitors need to get a stamp from the traffic police.
When entry into Azerbaijan, vehicles registered in other states must pay duty on using Azerbaijani highways.
Any driver always must keep his driving licenses and International driving permit, car registration certificate; and insurance certificate. If a driver is not an owner of a vehicle, he must have a power of attorney giving him a right to drive the vehicle.

Azerbaijani road traffic rules:

  • Traffic moves on the right side of the road.
  • Speed is measured in kilometre per hour (km/h).
  • The drink driving limit is zero. Driving under the alcohol influence is a very serious offence.
  • A driver and passengers must wear seat belts. Children under 12 years and pregnant women are permitted not to fasten safety belts.
  • Children under 12 years of age may not be ridden in the front seat.
  • It is mandatory to give way vehicles having superior right of passing and giving a sign by twinkling red or blue light or special sound signal.
  • It is not permitted to drive a vehicle while being sick or weary and under the alcohol or drags influence.
  • A state registration number must be well seen.
  • Drivers must give a signal by external light signals before any maneuver.
  • While a vehicle turning to the right, it must move near right side of the road as close as possible.
  • While turning to the left, a driver of a car must let pass oncoming traffic and tramway going in same direction.
  • U-turn is not permitted at pedestrian and railway crossing, in tunnels, on and under bridges.
  • On highway, vehicles having speed less than 50km/h are not permitted.
  • It is prohibited to cross railway while barrier is closed, traffic forbidding light switches on. It is also not permitted overtaking at railway crossing.
  • The speed limit is: in residential zones – 20 km/h; in urban areas – 60 km/h; on open roads – 90 km/h; on highway – 110 km/h.
  • Overtaking is not permitted at pedestrian and railway crossing, in tunnels, on bridges.
  • If stopping at right side is impossible, it is permitted to stop and stay at left side of the road.
  • Stopping is prohibited on tramway lines, at pedestrian, tram and railway crossing, near intersections.
  • It is not permitted to park on active part of the road.
  • It is not permitted to use mobile phone while driving.
  • The police phone number is 102.

Additional information:

  • Many intersection display traffic lights with fore phases: green - yellow - red - yellow - green, i.e. yellow light before and after the red.
  • Night driving is not recommended outside Baku since animals crossing the road are common.
  • If you are stop by a policeman, don't get out of the car. At first, he will introduce himself, and then ask for your driver license and car's documentation; you should answer all his questions.
  • Before driving, a driver should check a car being in good technical condition.
  • While driving when water and mud is on the road, drivers should try not to splash them over pedestrians, buildings and other vehicles.
  • In a case of a car accident, a driver must not to move a car from its place, construct emergency stopping place, and switch on light signal. If it is possible, take first medical help to injurers and call an ambulance and police. If in the result of car accident, nobody has been damaged and financial loss is insignificant, drivers may leave a place of accident.

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